Ryan Aviation Recruitment & Xiamen Airlines

Ryan Aviation Recruitment on behalf of our client Airline Xiamen Air are  delighted to be chosen to recruit for B737 Captains.

Xiamen Airlines Co. Ltd. (Xiamen Airlines for short) was founded on July 25th 1984. With headquarters in Xiamen, branch companies in Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Tianjin and Taiwan, and operation bases in Quanzhou and Wuyi Mount, it runs over 150 destinations to major cities in China and abroad.

After more than 20 years development, Xiamen Airlines now holds a fleet of 62 Boeing aircrafts. By the end of 2009, the total asset of Xiamen Airlines is 11.04 billion RMB, while the net asset is 2.54 billion RMB. So far, it is the only airline in China that keeps sustained profitability in 23 years. According to its development Strategy, Xiamen Airlines fleet will grow to 130 aircrafts by the year of 2015.

Xiamen Overview
Widely know as the “Garden on the Seashore”, “the City on the Sea and the Sea in the City”, Xiamen is an island city as one of the most attractive seaports scenic cities in the southeast coast of China

The customs of the hometown of overseas Chinese, Fujian and Taiwan, the seashore delicious food and foreign architectures merge into an organic whole. The mild climate, like spring all the year round, adds brilliance to the splendor of the seas. Xiamen is known for its local and special products such as Peanut Crisp, Spice Grapes, tea, seafood.

Gulangyu Island has become an international settlement since 1842, where many Victorian and Neoclassical style buildings are well protected. The older parts of the city preserve architectural styles of a century ago while the modern part of Xiamen is growing fast.

Its regional advantages and marine, land and air transport facilities have injected vigor into the sustained and rapid development of its tourism industry. Today Xiamen is one of China’s most attractive and best-maintained resort cities.